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RPM Tech was founded to provide entrepreneurs and enterprises a source of engineering and technology talent . RPM Tech’s expertise extend the full product development cycle from concept all the way to production. Its team provides the kind of breadth of knowledge and skills rarely available inside organization or in engineering services companies. Founded in 2006, RPM Tech is a small business with offices in Maryland and New York.

Perspective Clients

RPM Tech is a flexible organization that adapts it processes to the needs of its customers. RPM Tech thrives in challenging technical environments. If you would like to find out more, please contact us. We will gladly meet with you and evaluate your needs.

Client Testimonial


Cyrus Etemad-Moghadam, Managing Director, RPM Tech

Cyrus is a product development specialist with experience in designing a broad range of products for government, military, industrial, telecom, energy, medical and consumer applications. After working for AlliedSignal, Ciena, SafeNet, Raytheon and being a founding member of Novx Systems, Cyrus founded RPM Tech (Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Technologies) in 2006 to offer end-to-end solutions to the high tech industry. Since then RPM Tech has been involved in the design of tracking devices, USB tokens, power supplies, energy management devices, renewable energy and advanced technologies. Cyrus holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. Cyrus is also a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt from AlliedSignal and Design for Six Sigma expert from Raytheon.

Rob Corwin, Director of Engineering - RPM Tech

Rob is an Electrical Engineer skilled in RF/Microwave, Analog, and Electro-optical hardware design, working DC to over 40 GHz (Gbs) analog and digital designs. Rob is proficient in system planning, design, and integration to support turn-key customer systems, and has led numerous design and R&D efforts from concept to lifecycle production. After working for AAI, DEI Inc, Communications Solutions, M/A Com, Ciena and GE, Rob joined RPM Tech with the role to build a flexible and talented engineering team. Rob has led the Wave Energy Harnessing Power Take Out design and instrument, resulting in the first successful demonstration in the field of Electro Active Polymers. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Leadership Team

Cyrus Etemad-Moghadam
Managing Director

Rob Corwin
Director of Engineering

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