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High Reliability Power Supplies

Goal:  Develop high reliability, high power military power supplies (various sizes and power ratings).

Responsibility:  Mechanical Engineering, Analysis, Design, Documentation, Prototyping and Procurement Support.

Challenges:  Military environment, weight, thermal, dynamic requirements.

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PoS Urine Analyzer

Goal:  Develop a Point of Service portable device.

Responsibility:   Mechanical Engineering and design, Industrial design.

Challenges:  Aggressive schedule, moving parts, power, critical performance criteria, keeping mechanisms to a minimum.

Prototype shown at the American Association of Clinical Chemistry Clinical Lab Expo in Washington D.C.

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Wave Energy Harnessing Project

Goal:  Develop a wave energy harnessing system for a new technology combining functional and measurement aspects.

Responsibility:  Full development including system architecture, electrical (analog, control system, instrumentation), software (embedded controls, Ethernet interface), mechanical (packaging, custom components), prototyping, integration, delivery of 5 systems and support.

Challenges:  High voltages, new technology (many unknowns), international customer, component availability, safety.

System was demonstrated to European agencies and governments/

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