Making Things Work since 2006


RPM Tech can develop design concepts based on your immediate needs.

  • Artist Renderings
  • Realistic 3D models
  • System Block Diagrams
  • System Trade Studies
  • Preliminary Product Design
  • Physical Estimates (weight, size, power, performance…)
  • Human Interface
  • High level cost estimates


RPM Tech will engineer your product using extensive mechanical, electrical, software and optics experience.

  • Electrical Engineering (analog, digital, RF, power)
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Optical design
  • Software and firmware design
  • Fabric product design
  • Design trade studies
  • Board layout
  • Documentation
  • Analysis
  • Detail unit cost estimates


RPM Tech has an extensive prototyping experience and a wide network of prototyping specialist to provide you with a complete prototype for your technical staff, customer, investor or end user.

  • Simple and Complex Mechanical Mock up
  • Electrical Breadboard
  • Working prototype
  • Finished Looking Product
  • Fully operational product

Pilot Manufacturing

RPM Tech is developing a pilot production line to provide rapid production product for early market release. In addition RPM Tech is working closely with select partner manufacturers to provide full production outsourcing capabilities.


RPM Tech provides additional services to further integrate the overall development process Qualification and Certification Services.

  • Military or Government standards
  • Commercial Standards UL, CSA, CE
  • Independent Design and Management Review
  • Design for manufacturing, assembly, testing review
  • Review your design’s readiness for production
  • Prototype assembly and testing by experienced technicians and quick turn, simple machining Technical Writing and Illustrating